About NJFF

What is the NetJets Family Foundation?

We are a nonprofit public organization in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and a membership corporation with two members: NetJets Inc. and NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP), which is commonly referred to as the Pilot’s Union. We are organized in a manner to ensure we maintains our status as a public charity and to provide tax benefits to donors. Therefore, we are an independent corporation that is not under the direct control of either member.

Who operates the NetJets Family Foundation?

We are operated by five or more Directors — who are nominated on a rotating basis by NetJets Inc. or NJASAP — one part-time paid manager and unpaid volunteers.

Who does the NJFF help?

We provide relief to NetJets employees and their immediate family members.

Applying to NJFF

How do I know if I qualify to receive financial assistance?

The process begins by completing an online application for assistance. Documentation such as paperwork from a medical care provider, a fire and/or police report, and/or financial statements must accompany the submission.

What is not eligible?

We do not provide assistance when the situation is the result of poor financial management.
In addition, the foundation does not pay for the following:

  • Cost related to divorce separation
  • Cost related to bankruptcy
  • Non-essential items (e.g., credit card bills that are not daily living expenses)
  • Routine expenses (e.g., car repairs and home maintenance)
What is the time frame for responding to applications?

Upon receipt, our NJFF Manager and/or the Selection Committee will review the applicant’s eligibility. Members of our Selection Committee and our NJFF Manager have signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to protect the privacy of all applicants. Our Selection Committee typically responds within 48 hours of application receipt, but the process could take longer, depending on the situation.

Is there a limit to financial assistance provided?

Employees are limited to one grant per rolling calendar year and the maximum of $15,000 during his or her lifetime.

Does NJFF provide loans?

Loans are not available at this time. However, our Board of Directors may revisit this option in the future as we grow and expand our scope.

Do I have to claim the money I receive as taxable income?

Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

Can I apply for a grant if I’ve been laid off or furloughed?

You must be a current full-time or part-time employee of the company at the time of the application or if you are part of a reduction in force, you have 180 days to apply. Employees who are furloughed but retain a seniority number are eligible to apply at any time.

Donating to the Foundation

How does the donation process work?

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How does NJFF raise funds?

Currently, we raise funds strictly through the generosity of NetJets employees by their payroll deduction, checks (personal or certified), and credit card (via PayPal).

Can employees of Marquis and Executive Jet Management donate to NJFF?


Is there a minimum donation amount?


Are contributions tax deductible?

Yes, all contributions to us are considered tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code 170. All donors will receive an acknowledgement letter from us to satisfy tax regulations.

Can employees designate how they want their gift to be used?

Donations may not be earmarked for a particular grant recipient as per IRS 501(c) 3 regulations. Additionally, we want all employees to be considered equally for assistance when they need it.

What type of hardships and expenses are the funds meant to cover?

For disasters, we can help employees pay for housing, utilities, food, clothing and other basic living expenses. In addition, we may fund expenses due to violent domestic abuse or the death of an immediate family member.

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