We are entirely dependent upon financial contributions. Consider contributing to us by enrolling in automatic payroll deduction, making a one-time contribution via Paypal, or sending a check or money order payable to:

NetJets Family Foundation:
Attn: Kristin Barry-Good NJFF Manager
4111 Bridgeway Avenue
Columbus, OH 43219

Recurring donations may be canceled at any time.
You may also download a donation form and email it to kbarrygood@netjetsfamily.org.

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Note 1: For one-time and recurring contributions, deductions may not take affect for one to two pay periods depending on the timing of when you submit this form.

Note 2: For recurring contributions, payroll deductions will continue until you stop recurring deductions using this form or until your employment at NetJets terminates. The Company will submit the first contribution to NJFF within 30 days of receipt of this form, and each subsequent contribution within 15 days of each Company pay period.


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We proudly serve NetJets families in need.